The SuperVirusShield system (SVS) uses a microbiostatic surface protectant. This unique coating that is used by the SVS system is EPA Registered and USDA accepted for food contact surfaces. Its mode of action is a mechanical destruction on a cellular level. The SVS system does not rely on poisons to destroy pathogens which can result in adaptive organisms. Rather, the pathogens are drawn to the treated surface and impaled on microscopic spikes. These spikes are comprised of carbon and nitrogen molecules, which rupture the cell membrane. The final stage occurs when the remnants of the pathogen are exposed to a lone nitrogen molecule. An electrical charge then jolts the pathogen. This final contact eliminates the possibility of any adaptive organisms.

In addition, the coating used by the SVS system is not exuding a poison like traditional antimicrobials, the treated surface is protected for approximately ninety days, depending on the aggressiveness of the surface cleaning.

With most disinfectants, a ten minute dwell time on a surface will render most microbes inactive. Unfortunately, disinfectants fall into the category of non-bound technologies. In other words they exude poisons to be effective against microbes. Once they are wiped away however, they leave virtually no residual benefits.

This is why the SVS system excels. Through a unique reaction of an organic amine with an active silane, the resulting product yields a very efficacious surface treatment. This reaction allows the properties of a disinfectant to be bound on the surface for approximately ninety days. The SVS system is equally effective on both porous and non porous surfaces, unlike most disinfectants which are approved only for hard, non porous surfaces.


  • Although most bacteria only live about 18 hours on a surface, they multiply every 9 minutes.
  • Infection is the number one cause of death worldwide, and third in the United States.
  • Atlanta's Center for Disease Control (CDC) estimates that 80% of sickness comes from bacteria on surfaces.
  • Most common surfaces are "nutrient rich" to bacteria.
  • The coating used in the SVS system eliminates microbes when applied, and the long term control of growth remains.
  • The coating used in the SVS system lasts for up to one year in lightly cleaned areas, up to six months in moderately cleaned areas, and three months in aggressively cleaned areas.
  • The coating used in the SVS system kills mold and the odor associated with mold and mildew, and prevents mold from growing back.
  • The coating used in the SVS system is safe and non-toxic and USDA approved for food contact when dry.

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